Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 157 / OCTOBER 1993 / PAGE 99

Lemmings 2: The Tribes. (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
by Bruce Bowden, Margaret Bowden

When asked to give our two cents worth about Lemmings 2: The Tribes, our reaction has to be that two cents isn't nearly enough! This sequel is packed with cute, engaging new features, more Lemming abilities, and oodles of new scenarios. If the original Lemmings was a perfect arcade game, then this is perfection improved upon.

Once again, the goal is to guide a bunch of suicidal Lemmings from one part of the screen to another. This time, though, your seemingly endless quest to save your Lemming friends from calamity involves 12 tribes of 60 of the diminutive rodents. Each tribe is native to a different part of Lemming Island, a strange land composed of polar ice, tropical beach, highlands, medieval adventure, Egyptian thrills, circus fun, caves, and even outer space! You guide each tribe through ten levels of obstacles, and each level starts with the number of Lemmings you've saved in the previous one. The reward for guiding all 60 Lemmings through all ten levels is a piece of the sacred Gold Talisman, necessary to the ultimate salvation of the tribes--evacuating them to the safety of the Ark.

If you played Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings, you'll be delighted as you encounter many new features and innovations with Lemmings 2. There are now 50 Lemming skills, including kayaking, riding magic carpets, flying jet-packs, and pole-vaulting. We've spent many rewarding hours rescuing the original Lemmings, and we're reaping the same harvest of enjoyment and pleasure with Lemmings 2.

As an extra bonus for those with sound cards, each of the 12 tribes has a different musical accompaniment. Jazzy tunes will draw you even deeper into the mood of the game.

Just one warning: Sneak Lemmings 2 into your home and try it out before anyone else has a chance! If not, be prepared to give up your PC. Even the most computer-averse folks in your family will become engrossed in this cute game. We applaud Psygnosis for doing it again--at least 12 times better than the first time!