Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 157 / OCTOBER 1993 / PAGE 110


When you're traveling—away from your desk, calendar, workstation, and other office materials—it's easy to fall behind because you've simply lost track of your work in progress. If you need to stay organized both in the office and on the road, Lap Top Secretary is your key to success. A DOS program that runs fine under Windows 3.1, LTS will track your address book, meeting schedules, time management sheets, and to-do lists.

The Address Book tracks the usual address and phone number data, and includes an entry for keywords you can use to search your address book. For instance, you could mark an address as business, customer, or personal. The Meetings menu allows you to create and maintain information about meetings. Meetings may be designated as scheduled or unscheduled, depending on your personal involvement. You can have any number of unscheduled meetings occurring at the same time, but the program won't permit you to create simultaneous or overlapping scheduled meetings. The meeting data includes purpose, contact, and location information, and you can do searches on that text data. The main LTS screen shows the day's activities, and the meeting entries change color and give you audible warning alarms as the meeting time approaches.

The To-Do menu lets you track impending tasks, along with completion target dates and priorities. These tasks pop up on the daily activities screen on their target dates. The Time Management menu provides an overview of your commitments by the day, week, or month. It also provides an analytical tool that will help you better understand how you have spent or plan to spend your time. Using this tool, you can determine how much of your time is spent in meetings, whether or not you've been devoting enough time to your highest-priority tasks, how many tasks you have pending, how long they've been pending, and other important information. It might just help you make your work habits more efficient and organized.

You can have several databases, so you can create one set of data for daily home office work, for instance, and another with your travel schedules. You can create these databases on your home PC and copy them to your laptop computer or Wizard for portable reference. Lap Top Secretary will keep you organized at the office and on the road.



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