Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 156 / SEPTEMBER 1993 / PAGE 98

Instant Rolodex. (DacEasy personal information management system) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
by Clayton Walnum

Instant Rolodex isn't the most complete personal information manager (PIM) on the market, but it may be the perfect organizer for small-business managers. Included in this package are an electronic Rolodex, an appointment calendar, a to-do list, and sundry utilities for printing forms, cards, and labels. To make Instant Rolodex as convenient as possible, an icon bar across the top of the main window and various toolboxes access program features with a single button click.

As the program's name suggests, the Rolodex module - an address-book database using a Rolodex metaphor - is the package's focus. The Rolodex allows you not only to create and delete address cards but also to add notes to each card. Fields in the database include the usual name, address, and phone, as well as additional fields for storing alternative addresses; fax, beeper, home, and car phone numbers; important dates; and titles. Nine user-defined fields let you personalize the database to your specific needs.

More than just a straight Rolodex file, Instant Rolodex provides full database search features. You can find a card by searching the key field, or you can create subgroups of cards using search logic that compares specific fields with such operators as equal-to, less-than, greater-than, and between.

The calendar can be viewed as an entire year, month, or week, or you can bring up an appointment book for a specific day, which lists by time all activities planned for that day. Scheduling events is as easy as clicking on a time and typing a quick description. Recurring events can also be scheduled. Finally, the built-in alarm function warns you of any impending event.

The to-do list is Instant Rolodex's weakest feature. While you can check off tasks as you do them, the tasks aren't related in any way to the calendar. In other words, all tasks appear in a single list that can be prioritized by task but not by date.

Despite its weak task handling, Instant Rolodex is perfect for business folks with modest needs. When you add its ability to dial numbers and send faxes, Instant Rolodex is a fine package at a great price.