Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 149 / FEBRUARY 1993 / PAGE 124

Honeywell Opto-Mechanical. (mouse device) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation)
by Stephen Levy

A mouse is a mouse. Or is it? Usually, there isn't much you can say to separate one mouse from another. Is the mouse easy to install? Today, most mice are simple to install, and most new mice are both PC and Windows compatible.

Such is the case with the new Honeywell Opto-Mechanical mouse. How does the mouse feel in your hand? Is it easy to control? Again, the Honeywell mouse passes muster with a comfortably rounded shape that contours nicely to the hand. Its buttons aren't too stiff when clicking, handling smoothly.

In other words, this serial mouse passes all the tests. But what separates it from others I've tried is the new x-y axially inclined transducer technology that is used instead of the standard ball mechanism. Unlike other mice, the Honeywell mouse doesn't get contaminated by surface dirt, which often causes mice to become less reliable. In place of the usual ball, the Honeywell mouse has two small, round, plastic sensors which detect the x-y position and move the cursor. This mouse doesn't need to be cleaned! It can be used with or without a mouse pad on almost any surface you're likely to use.

I used this mouse with several applications, including Quattro Pro, Page-Maker, Word for Windows, Excel, Windows, and GeoWorks (and its various applications). I also used the Opto-Mechanical mouse to play games, including Links golf, Solitaire's Journey, Lemmings, and King's Quest. For each of these, the mouse functioned as expected.

Although I found the Honeywell mouse to be reliable and easy to install, it wasn't noticeably more sensitive or less sensitive than others I've put to the test. The use of sensors rather than a ball means the mouse will probably last longer than the standard ball mouse. Although I wouldn't recommend that you run out and immediately replace your standard mouse with this new technology, you'd be wise to consider the Honeywell Opto-Mechanical mouse when you need a new or replacement serial mouse.

Honeywell Opto-Mechanical--$79.95

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