Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 147 / DECEMBER 1992 / PAGE 138

Home Alone. (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
by Danielle Best

Your name is Kevin, You're eight years old. Your family went on a trip, and you got left behind. To top it all off, there are two bumbling burglars named Harry and Marv hovering outside of the house . . . and you're home alone. You've probably seen the movie by now, but let's go over this just one more time.

Your mission is to keep yourself and your house safe--by any means necessary--until the family gets back to protect you.

Although the designers probably had children in mind when they turned Home Alone into a video-game, adults can get a kick or two out of it, as well. The concept is fairly simple: You know that Harry and Marv plan to break in at nine o'clock. In an imaginary hour, you, as little Kevin, run around the house setting traps which, you hope, will foil the robbery, stop the robbers from catching you, and keep you safe until the family comes home.

After Kevin's traps are complete or when he runs out of time (whichever comes first), in come Marv and Harry. You then guide the burglars throughout the house, making sure that they fall into the traps. The more Harry and Marv trip on marbles, slip on banana peels, and fall over bags of flour, the more points you earn. And if you're wise enough to add Kevin's BB gun to his arsenal, you can release traps that can only be set off by BB gun shots.

The game is easy to play once you learn your way around the house, but it's not so easy that it becomes boring. I had a heck of a time trying to find Kevin's room, where he hid his BB gun. After a day or two, I found the gun, but I still haven't figured out how to shoot the traps. As a result, my games always end with Harry and Marv saying, "We gotcha, ya little squirt!!!"

Home Alone sports graphics and sound effects that definitely add to the game's playability. The graphics are more cute than anything else, which I'm sure will have kids eyeballing the screen with enjoyment. They'll especially like the tarantula, because as soon as it's set down, it starts crawling across the floor. The sound effects aren't extravagant, but they get the job done. You can hear Kevin picking up and setting down objects, and you get an earful when Harry and Marv encounter his traps.

Regardless of the game's technological capabilities, the bottom line is that if you liked the movie, you'll probably like the game, too. It's a good family-oriented game that everyone from Grandma to Junior can enjoy. It might take a little while to learn your way around, but after you do you won't have a hard time playing Home Alone. IBM PC or compatible; 640K RAM; EGA, MCGA, VGA, or Tandy 16-color; joystick optional; supports Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Sound Master, and Roland LAPC-1--$39.95 CAPSTONE A Division of IntraCorp 14540 SW 136th St., Ste. 204 Miami, FL 33186 (305) 252-9040 Circle Reader Service Number 356