Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 142 / JULY 1992 / PAGE 48

The perfect time to get online. (COMPUTE/NET computer bulletin board) (Column)
by Troy Tucker

If you're new to the online scene, then you'll be pleased to learn that COMPUTE resides on both GEnie and America Online. Our section is called COMPUTE/NET, and in it you'll find the same high-quality programs and articles that you enjoy in our magazine. If you're not online yet, then you probably don't know what you're missing.

Online services have much to offer you. Subscribers enjoy instant access to news, weather, travel, stocks, reviews, software, and more. You'll find the rates very reasonable, too. You can sign on to GEnie for free and access the basic services during nonprime time hours for about $4.95 a month. America Online offers free software, a free trial membership, and free connect time so you can try out their service. The rate for basic services on America Online is $5.95 a month. So, if you're not online--get online. And, don't forget to visit us when you do.

This month in COMPUTE/NET we're featuring a few data management utilities that we think you'll enjoy. We have a super spreadsheet called QubeCalc, a file viewer called List64, and an incredible database program called PC Data Control. We also have several games such as: Ed's Chess, Mah Jongg, Hearts, and Bass Tour.

You'll find QubeCalc quite useful. It's a low-cost spreadsheet alternative that doesn't skimp on features. You can store all kinds of data in row, column, and page format. You can calculate across, up, down, and through other spreadsheets that you create by linking modules together. This powerful program includes sixty functions, macros, sorting, context-sensitive help, and graphics.

List64 is an excellent multi-purpose file viewer. It lets you search files for text, mark and write selected text, and clean up files written in nontext formats. You move around in the documents with all of the usual commands. It features online help, a ruler, a hex display, and it even allows you to customize the colors.

Our last feature program is PC Data Control. With it, you can create large databases. You can sort, calculate totals, create reports, and search as many as 25 parameters at once using wildcards, values, ranges. You can opt for case-sensitive searches, too. It even autodials numbers, if your computer is equipped with a modem.

Ed's Chess is a challenging chess game. The playing pieces are drawn with character graphics, so almost anyone can play. Mah Jongg is a classic strategy puzzle game that will have you happily perplexed for hours. Avid bass fishermen will want to be sure to downloaad Bass Tour, an excellent bass fishing simulator.

Look for this month's feature programs in our New Uploads library. When you enter the COMPUTE/NET area, just access this library to find the latest program uploads. Featured programs will reside in this library for a few weeks, then they'll be transferred to our main pc library.

COMPUTE/NET has much more to offer than just software. Be sure to visit our product ordering section for the latest products. COMPUTE Books has added some new titles that you can purchase directly online. Titles include Desktop Publishing with GeoWorks, Big Book of PC Sports, Castlevania: The Official Hint Book, Official Guide to Sid Meir's Civilization, and more.

Ordering is simple. First, go to the COMPUTE/NET section. Use the keyword COMPUTE. If you're on America Online, click on the Product Ordering icon, then select COMPUTE Books. You'll see all of the titles available. Select one of the titles to get a description and the price. Jot down the order number of the books that interest you, then return to the main Product Ordering menu. Click on the Order a Product icon and fill out the order form. For GEnie users, select option 9 from the menu, then select COMPUTE Books by pressing option 3. You'll see a description of each book and its price. Then you'll see a prompt to order the book or move on to the next book.

For those of you who visit COMPUTE/NET on America Online, I have a surprise for you. COMPUTE/NET is getting a whole new look and feel. We're re-structuring the entire area so that it's much easier to navigate. You'll be able to quickly find all the information you're looking for. The columns and reviews will be broken down into more specialized categories. We'll be adding new things, too. Look for our color logo and exclusive chat area. We hope to have most of these changes in effect by the time you read this, so stop in and take a look.

We're working hard to meet your online needs. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about COMPUTE/NET, please feel free to write to me here at COMPUTE Publications in Greensboro or send E-mail. My GEnie address is TROYGT, and my America Online screen name is TROY GT--that's with a zero. I'm on both services daily, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Don't forget to stop in and visit COMPUTE/NET. See you online!