Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 142 / JULY 1992 / PAGE 114

Options. (point-and-click interface) (Evaluation)
by Carol Holzberg

Does the dreaded DOS command line interface get you down? Do your typing skills give rise to a File Not Found response more than you care to admit? Do you have difficulty remembering obscure nested directory paths? Then replace the infamous DOS prompt with the Options point-and-click interface.

Options typically installs in the C drive and modifies your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to execute automatically at startup. Or you could access the system by entering MENU at the DOS prompt. Menu options execute DOS commands, launch programs, or run batch files.

The program features timesaving macro capabilities, password protection to limit access to designated users or particular directories, plus a screen saver that blanks the screen after a user-specified length of time. You also get tracking control to keep records of computer usage, a stopwatch function for time tracking (great for keeping time records on client phone calls), and pop-up calendar, calculator, and memory map accessories.

Options automatically loads functions into extended memory to lessen the amount of conventional memory required to run it. Pull-down menus in the Edit mode and context-sensitive online help assist with program operation. Users get several convenient features in one handy location. Isn't it time you considered your options to maximize productivity, guarantee system security, and minimize operator error?