Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 140 / MAY 1992 / PAGE 118

PC-Kwik Power Disk. (disk optimizer) (Evaluation)
by Scott May

One of the most common problems PC users face is file fragmentation, a DOS condition that forces the drive to work harder than it has to Multisoft's PC-Kwik Power Disk, a full-featured disk optimizer, provides both immediate relief and long-term preventive maintenance.

Power disk works its magic by rejoining splintered files and packing them into a single contiguous area of the disk. The program offers numerous reorganization strategies, including full or partial defragmentation, DOS-ordered subdirectories, and user-defined file placement. In addition, the program performs complete file-structure analysis, media testing, and reporting.

Multisoft claims improved performance on any size fixed or removable storage media: MFM (standard XT or AT), RLL, IDE, ESDI, and SCSI hard drives; floppy disks (360K to 1.4Mb); cartridges; read/write optical drives; and even RAM disks. Its restrictions--no more than .32,768 files per disk or 32 directory levels--are well within the limits of most users.

The program's best feature is its highly configurable batch mode operation, automatically optimizing either on a conditional basis (depending on the percentage of fragmentation) or on a regular schedule. This technique benefits high-usage systems, where extensive copying, moving, and deleting of files can result in daily fragmentation.

In terms of speed, compatibility, and sheer user-friendliness, Power Disk tops almost all competitors. Unfortunately, the program's lofty list price will probably discourage many potential buyers, especially when the massive PC Tools and Norton Utilities are within easy grasp. Proportionally priced, these packages offer competent disk optimizers, plus a whole lot more.

Power Disk is the right tool--but at the wrong price. Sometimes being the best just isn't good enough.