Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 139 / APRIL 1992 / PAGE S14

Three multimedia publications on disc. (Compute's Getting Started with Multimedia)
by Heidi E.H. Aycock

You won't find these magazines on the chaise lounge by the pool, but you can read these periodicals on your PC. You'll do much more than just read them, though; you'll listen to them, watch them, and cut-and-paste passages into useful files.

Three publications have been announced, ranging from a journal for technical managers of Window-based offices to a disc dedicated to fun.

If you can't imagine the value of a disc-distributed magazine, think of the convenience of a well-indexed technical journal; the fun of reading about a rock star and simply clicking on his picture to hear a sample of his music; or the security of seeing a demo of a new computer game instead of relying only on a review before you make your purchase decision.

Disc-based periodicals released for Windows with Multimedia include Verbum Interactive, a quarterly magazine featuring software reviews and demos, animation and interactive multimedia examples, interactive columns, and feature stories, from Verbum (670 Seventh Avenue, Second Floor, San Diego, California 92101; 619-233-9977); Windows Information Manager MM, a monthly hypertext journal about Windows, from R & R Development (527 Third Avenue, Suite 423, New York, New York 10016; 212-929-2206); and Nautilus, a monthly collection of many computer-related items, including applications, games, presentations, news, digitized sounds, and digitized images, from Metatec (7001 Discovery Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio 43017; 614-761-2000).