Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 139 / APRIL 1992 / PAGE S10

Multimedia software worth upgrading for. (includes related article on Apple Computer's QuickTime) (Compute's Getting Started with Multimedia)
by Heidi E.H. Aycock

The MPC Marketing Council shouted, "Everybody into the pool!" And several companies leaped in--some fully clothed, some in neon-colored swimsuits. Not all of these companies were prepared well enough to wring out all of the benefits of Windows with Multimedia, but they hit the water anyway.

More than 60 software packages were announced in conjunction with the release of Windows with Multimedia. The companies who are hanging out in the MPC country club are hoping that you'll smear on a little sunscreen and join in the fun.

You've heard the hope of multimedia: Equipped with CD-ROM drives, high resolution graphics adapters, and stereo sound cards, PCs will present information in ways that rival television and motion pictures. Imagine the educational and entertainment possibilities.

With the release of Windows with Multimedia, the hope has become a promise--even if the fulfillment of that promise is still about $1000 away from most home computer owners.

So, let's say we join the country club. Shell out the bucks, buy the bang that these magical peripherals offer, and upgrade Windows to the version with the multimedia hooks. What software is out there for us? There are game programs that combine sophisticated animation with stereo sound and realistic voices. Educational packages that stuff textual, audio, and visual information onto one compact disk are available. And don't forget business software that helps home-based business owners develop presentations to stun the CEO down the street.

Sift through this list of new titles written for Windows with Multimedia, and you'll see that this emerging technology will make good on its promise.