Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 138 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1992 / PAGE 124

Laptop Ultravision. (screen enhancer for laptop computers) (Evaluation)
by Eddie Huffman

Given the price of the average laptop computer, it's a safe bet the machines aren't made with the cost-conscious in mind. Unlike their desktop counterparts, these luxury items offer freedom and flexibility at a premium price. The amount of supplemental hardware and software available for laptops ups the ante even further. For a price, a laptop owner can customize his machine with all sorts of goodies, ranging from helpful to totally superfluous.

Laptop Ultravision, a laptop screen enhancer for EGA and VGA displays, falls somewhere in between. Hardly a necessity, the program's helpfulness depneds entirely on how fussy you are about what you're looking at. If younever would've thought about needing such a thing, chances are you don't. If, on the other hand, you demand that your little laptop screen at least approach what you see on your big desktop monitor, Laptop Ultravision might meet your needs.

An easy hard drive installation process and a relatively easy-to-remember help function make Laptop Ultravision simple to start and use. The program begins by changing your laptop's standard text to a larger, clearer variation and then offers a wealth of options: a compressed display to cut down on scrolling, a choice of 20 distinctive fonts, and the opportunity to change the screen's foreground and background luminosity, even on monochrome monitors.

In other words, Laptop Ultravision readily lives up to the claims it makes. The questions for the laptop owner, then, are whether those claims sound like desirable improvements and whether those improvements would be worth paying for. That part's up to you.