Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 138 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1992 / PAGE 116

The Far Side Computer Calendar. (Evaluation)
by David Sears

Users of Windows may be seeing a lot more biped, English-speaking cows in their future. Gary Larson's comis strip The Far Side has migrated to the PC courtesy of Amaze!nc's calendar program.

More than just a full year's collectin of wry, near-legendary cartoons, The Far Side Computer Calendar puts the standard Windows Calendar to shame. You can view your appointments by year, month, week, or day, and add colorful, animated icons, including telephones, cars, airplanes, and balloons. Your choice of alarms includes the traditional beep along with excerpts from the works of Mozart and Vivaldi.

The Far Side Computer Calendar further enlivens your day with rndom animations. Penguins float across the screen and a trio of grass-skirted savages bows down in union, perhaps paying you homage. Obviously, like any product associated with The Far Side, this offbeat but useful calendar promises to start conversations and provoke laughter.