Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 137 / JANUARY 1992 / PAGE 126

Dvorak on Typing. (software package) (Evaluation)
by Chantelle Oligschlaeger

Remember your high school typing class? These days, learning to type doesn't have to mean noisy typewriters and scowling teachers. Interplay's Dvorak on Typing fills in with an assortment of drills and a game. When Dvorvak instructs, you can work against the clock or just type with no set limits on time.

Dvorak on Typing also offers the old tried and trues of traditional typing manuals--only better. For instance, during the Letters segment, the screen shows you which finger to use and where to find the key on the keyboard.

For a break from drills, you can play a game where you're a knight facing different foes. You'll have difficulty watching the game, though, since you must read and type in text from the bottom of the screen. This puts a bit of a damper on the fun, but you still log typing time.

Features include a Reports option that displays your accuracy rating and words per minute for each session. You can also see your most recent "problem" keys. Another option activates a voice to offer encouragement.

Absolute beginners might still find a teacher's guidance helpful--as a matter of fact, this program would be great for the classroom. However, if you want to sharpen your typing skills at home, Dvorak lends role drills some computer clout.