Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 136 / DECEMBER 1991 / PAGE 74

COMPUTE/NET: interactive information. (interactive computer system) (Column)
by Richard C. Leinecker

And we're off! COMPUTE/NET is going great guns thanks to the phenomenal support we've received from those who visit our area. Sure, there's a lot of information there, but the interaction of experience-seeking people makes it a special event.

What can you expect to get out of it? There are back issues, software, great discussions that can provide valuable answers, a change to rub elbows with the editors, and lots more.

Some folk like to look through our software and download what sounds hot. We've been putting disks together for more than five years, so there are dozens of files there--everything from disk utilities to games to pictures. Make sure, though, that you're looking at software for your computer. We have an eclectic assortment of IBM, Atari ST, Amiga, and Commodore 64/128 files. On GEnie set the software library to what you're interested in. On America Online make sure you click on the correct computer type before you look through the files.

Because of our enormous volume of software, we'll be uploading until early 1992. That shows you what a wealth of resources we have to offer. Check the new files every so often so that you don't miss the latest uploads.

What else is up on COMPUTE/NET? Lots of back issues. Currently you can find back articles from Janaury 1989 through October 1991. We'll keep the current magazines coming and, over time, work our way back to January 1987. And if there's a demand, we'll upload issues prior to 1987. Some of you have asked about the Getting Started booklets bound inside newsstand editions of COMPUTE, and those are there if you missed any of them.

There's another very important dimension to COMPUTE/NET. You can ask technical questions about your computer 24 hours a day and get answers very quickly--usually within a day. Here at COMPUTE we specialize in helping people who are new to computers and helping people who are seasoned veterans to expand their system's capabilitites. This morning I fielded a question about shadow RAM. And as I read the messages, I saw half a dozen questions asked and answered in the course of one evening. If you want answers or have brilliant insights or solutions of your own, join us in our discussion areas. On GEnie it's our Bulletin Board--COMPUTE Round-Table main menu, choice, 1. On America Online it's our Talk to the Editors section.

COMPUTE has a history as long as that of the personal computer. We published our first issue in 1979. Those early issues covered machines like the PET, the KIM, and others, equally venerable, that have since departed. We were among the first to give serious attention to upstarts like the IBM PC and the Amiga.

Because of our long history, we've covered lots of different computers, so we have a lot to offer for PCs, Amigas, Atari STs, and Commodre 64s and 128s. If you're looking for information and software for those computers, then COMPUTE/NET is your ticket. You'll find back issues of COMPUTE!'S PC, Amiga Resource, COMPUTE!'S Atari ST, and COMPUTE!'S Gazette magazines along with the software that was published for them. If you normally use an IBM compatible but have an Amiga, an Atari St, or a Commodore 64 or 128 standing by, let COMPUTE/NET help you enjoy your computer all over again.

COMPUTE/NET is a valuable tool with which you can express your opinion and send feedback directly to the editors. The editorial and management staff at COMPUTE has always listened to your suggestions and comments.

We need to know what kind of feature articles you like most. We need to know what you use your computer for. And we need to know what kind of software you use and purchase. If you provide us with feedback, we can be more responsive in the kinds of articles, columns, and reviews we provide.

COMPUTE/NET is also a place where you can get fast answers to questions and fast solutions to problems. The service will improve with time. Just let us know we can serve you better.