Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 135 / NOVEMBER 1991 / PAGE 158

AlphaNote Personal Database. (database software) (evaluation)
by Carol Holzberg

A cross between a notepad and a database could be just what you need if you find yourself duplicating information in several applications. Consider AlphaNote, a multifeatured, menu-driven personal note keeper, as a solution. AlphaNote stores information in freeform units called notes. Notes can be saved either as formatted text (for brief memos or todo lists) or as unformatted text (for data tables, exported word processor documents, or program source code). The utility will even import and display binary data in hexadecimal notation (for COM or EXE program files or application data). Users must manually edit the system's AUTOEXEC.BAT file before AlphaNote will run.

Each AlphaNote note saves as two files, with TXT and DAT extensions. TXT files contain text data, while DAT files consist of descriptive keywords (tags) used to identify individual TXT files. Notes can be viewed, edited, printed, or protected to avoid accidental deletion. AlphaNote ships with an ASCII text file reader called AlphaView File Browser, a multifunction text editor called MicroEMACS, and a perpetual calendar. The disk includes two AlphaNote versions, one for 640K RAM systems and one for less robust 256K systems. A convenient utility, AlphaNote enables users to create and access a variety of personal notes and helpful reminders with surprising ease.