Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 135 / NOVEMBER 1991 / PAGE 158

Address Book Plus. (database software) (evaluation)
by Barry Brenesal

More than just a computerized address book that stores your contacts, Address Book Plus sorts, indexes by user-assigned category, and neatly prints the results on enclosed pocket-size pages. This latest 3.0 release holds 1800 addresses per file and provides improved printer (especially laser) support.

Address Book Plus performs its main task very well, with excellent online help and written documentation--touches that would profit many major applications. Other features include unlimited date-stamped notes for each contact entry and the option to dial a displayed phone number using your computer modem. Alas, the usefulness of these business tools depends on running the program exclusively, and there just aren't enough other PIM-like add-ons (a calendar, task scheduler, and expense tracker, for instance) to keep your computer activities centered on Address Book Plus.

Furthermore, Address Book Plus's memory requirement of 512K RAM is rather steep when you consider its task limitations. Many PIMs load themselves as TSRs, pop up on demand, and leave behind a kernel of less than 20K. There aren't any PIMs, however, that currently print out address books to a variety of user specifications. The answer is an inexpensive, easily configurable utility; here Address Book Plus provides excellent services.