Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 8

Proto holo deck. (Sega's Time Traveler) (product announcement)
by Alan R. Bechtold

Claiming to have the "world's first three-dimensional holographic videogame," Sega of America started shipping Time Traveler to arcade halls across the country in July While most PC game players might not take note of the local mall arcade hall, this game merits attention. With a self-contained Sony 12-inch laser disc player and 20-inch Trinitron monitor, and boasting digital stereo sound and full digital graphics, Time Traveler may be as close as we'll ever get to an interactive 3-D entertainment environment in this decade (unless virtual reality really takes off).

The game itself is straight game hall action - a rowdy shoot-'em-up that requires you to traverse time and battle renegade scientists, ninja warriors, streetwise punks, cowboys, cave dwellers, and every other brand of adversary imaginable to modern arcade game wizards in an attempt to (what else?) save the universe.

Time Traveler should be in your local arcade hall by now, if you're curious. It costs 75 cents a pop, and you can buy more time cubes to keep you alive and kicking - sort of an interactive wallet. A roll of quarters and a willing suspension of disbelief should buy you a couple centuries of fun.