Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 38

Sun Moon Star CD-ROM set. (CD-ROM drive package) (includes related articles) (evaluation)
by Tom Netsel

If you're looking for a capable CD-ROM drive with an impressive bundle of discs, you owe it to yourself to check out Sun Moon Star's CD-ROM Set.

Connecting the drive to the computer was a breeze, but installing the software proved more of a challenge. The installation process alters your CONFIG. SYS and AUTOEXEC. BAT files, and this seemed to be where my problems were. Luckily, the manual explains what you should find when you examine these files, and I found that the default base address of the controller card was the same as the address for another of my peripherals. To correct the problem. I used one of the card's eight jumper settings for different addresses.

I placed the drive between my system box and the monitor to save space on my crowded desk - a convenient setup. The only other challenge I faced in setting up this drive in involved the drive door, which apparently popped out of place during shipping. I managed to fish it out easily, however, and loaded and ejected discs normally without the door.

Once I had the drive up and running, trying out the software bundled with the Sun Moon Star was as exciting as opening packages on Christmas morning.

One disc contains popular games from the Software Toolworks: Black Hole, Life & Death, Bruce Lee Lives, Chessmaster 2000, Gin King/Cribbage King, Hunt for Red October, Bad Street Brawler, Crossword Mania 221B Baker Street, and Alternate Reality: The City. Also from Toolworks you'll find World Atlas and Illustrated Encyclopedia. Both are topnotch, fun-to-use reference works.

You also get Microsoft Bookshelf, which includes The American Heritage Dictionary, Roget's II:Electronic. Thesaurus, The World Book and Book of Facts, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, and half a dozen other reference aids to writers. Microsoft's Small Business Consultant & Stat Pack comes with the package. too These programs provide a library of government publications and statistics, ranging from weekly wage averages in 60 different communities to affirmative action plans from agricultural commodities to federal regulations, and much more.

Hot Line lets you dial more than 132,000 corporate and government telephone numbers at the touch of a key. And with Hot Line, you can find areas codes for more than 3,000 cities worldwide with the electronic phone book and automatic dialer.

Music fans will appreciate CD Guide, an up-to-date listing of almost everything that has to do with CD music.

The Sun Moon Star comes with an earphone jack and volume control that make it convenient for listening to your favorite musical disc while working at your computer.

In all, despite its large footprint and somewhat flimsy door the Sun Moon Star CD-ROM drive works well and faster than I expected. The amount of software that accompanies this drive is truly awesome, making the total value of this package something to consider when shopping for a CD-ROM drive.