Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 148

Nvelope Plus. (printer software) (evaluation)
by Eddie Huffman

Designated to make envelope printing a snap. Nvelope Plus offers several features which account for the Plus in the title: the ability to print adresses easily in different fonts, to choose one of many envelope and label types offered or customized your own, to add ZIP codes from a comprehensive ZIP code database, and to create a thorough personal database of addresses.

As a memory-resident program with readily modified hot keys, Nvelope Plus pops up easily in an existing address database, in a word processing program, or anywhere else you might have addresses tucked away. Once summoned, Nvelope Plus makes grabbing and address for printing onto an envelope or address label marvelously simple. You can easily specify the size and type of envelopes and address labels, as well as whether they have a preprinted return address.

Nvelope Plus has a clear, effective user's manual, though once the program has been loaded, it needs little explanation. The envelope screens clearly display how the end product will look. If you place an envelope properly in your printer, you get what you expect.

Nvelope Plus performs its primary task quite well, with enough extras to elevate it above the status of a typewriter substitute. Finding a ZIP code for any city in America with the built-in ZIP code directory, for instance, can save quite a bit of time. Without Nvelope Plus, the simple task of printing an envelope isn't as simple as it seems. With it, there's one less hassle to slow you down.