Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 12

FAX on the go. (fax software) (product announcement)
by Alan R. Bechtold

Those eleventh-hour rushes to the fax machine only to wait in line for a leisurely transmission may soon become office history now that Ibis has developed a new software program which lets you send faxes with a modem.

On the GoFAX can transmit a one-page document in 20 to 30 seconds - from your computer. If the number you're calling is busy, AT&T's Service Bureau will redial it up to four times during the first half hour, leaving your computer free for you to work on something else. Transmission for the first page is $3.00, and each additional page costs $2.000. The product retails for $ 69.95.

Alan R. Bechtold is editor of Info-Mat Magazine, an electronic news weekly published by BBS Press Service.