Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 127

PC Disklock. (data security software) (evaluation)
by Richard Rapp

Data security is increasingly becoming a top-priority issue for small business owners and corporate MIS managers alike. Now Fifth Generation Systems, maker of the Mace Utilities, offers a solution to this growing problem with PC Disklock.

Disklock provides comprehensive protection of sensitive data through the use of primary and secondary passwords, selective locking and encryption of files, and an audit trail of unsuccessful logon attempts.

Disklock"s password system draws the first line of defense. When installing the program, the user selects a primary password and, optionally, a secondary password. When using the primary password, the user has full access to all files and directories on the system, while someone logged on under the secondary password cannot access locked or encrypted files. This sort of simple security is useful in situations where several users, some of whom do not require access to sensitive files, share one computer.

In addition to the general security provided by the password system, Disklock provides two methods of safequarding selected files. By locking a file, you make it inaccessible to users logged on under the secondary password. Encrypting a file, in addition to making it inaccessible to secondary users, also encodes the data in a way that makes it unintelligible. You can decrypt files only with the primary password you chose earlier.

As a final safety feature, Disklock keeps a log of all unsuccessful log-on attempts. Disklock stores the time and date of each failed entry attempt in a file called Disklock log, which you may review periodically.

Does the average user need a data guardian such as Disklock? Probably not. Its main use will be to provide security in business environments where several users share computers containing sensitive information. Because of its thoughtful design, PC Disklock places a minimal burden on legitimate users while keeping the bad guys, and the merely curious, at bay.