Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 134 / OCTOBER 1991 / PAGE 10

Touch Axxess. (small, lightweight LCD touchscreen input-output device) (Product Announcement)
by Alan R. Bechtold

New from Oregon Scientific is Axxess, a small, lightweight LCD touchscreen that allows you to quickly and easily store and retrieve information. The large-character, easy-to-read screen features numerous layouts for entering data, including convenient QWERTY and alpha keyboards.

With the mere touch of a finger, you can store and retrieve more than 1000 "business cards" of information, speed-dial any phone number stored, set an audible alarm that displays a two-line reminder message, print reports directly from Axxess when connected to a PC printer, transfer data to and from a PC or from another Axxess unit for memory backup, and perform numerous other handy functions. You can also enter a personal security code to prevent others from accessing your machine.

Axxess can speed-dial from most phone systems and print from most printers, so with the 3 1/2-hour battery supply included, it's especially use for business travelers. Axxess is priced at $599.