Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 133 / SEPTEMBER 1991 / PAGE 125

College Cost Explorer. (data base) (evaluation)
by Joyce Sides

High school students who think they can't afford a college education should take a look at College Cost Explorer. With it you create a list of colleges and calculate the amount of aid available from those colleges and the amount you'll need to contribute toward your expenses. The results could surprise you.

Details on the types of forms you need to complete, deadlines for requesting aid, and the total costs including tuition, out-of-state fees (if applicable), room and board, and transportation are displayed along with the name of the college and its location. The introduction, popup menu, and online help and glossary offer all the information you need to apply for financial aid to 2900 colleges and universities nationwide, and all information is updated annually. Though the process of choosing a college remains a daunting one, College Cost Explorer promises matter-of-fact assistance.