Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 133 / SEPTEMBER 1991 / PAGE 121

Calendar Creator Plus. (calendar software) (evaluation)
by Gordon Owens

Many of today's mainstream applications are overkill when it comes to doing the smaller jobs we want our silicon partners to accomplish. Power Up has managed to create a product that not only fills a much needed niche but can help you organize the daily events in your life without giving you a learning-curve heart attack.

Calendar Creator Plus creates customized calendars to help you organize both your personal and business activities. The program allows you to set up event lists for all your activities, incorporating them into the calendar. What's more, the program includes clip art and gives you the ability to highlight special events using alternative fonts and shading. When ready to print, you can preview the calendar, graphics and all. Calendars may be printed in eleven different formats and in varying sizes, from a giant one-year calendar to miniatures small enough to fit in your pocket organizer. I found the documentation, tutorial, and quick reference card well written, concise, and easy to follow. The installation process was user-friendly.

Calendar Creator is a quality product. The only disappointments are the lack of mouse support and the lengthy printing times for the calendars themselves. Using a print spooler alleviates the latter problem, though there's no excuse for overlooking mice. Despite these minor problems, for those of you who need this type of product, I can recommend it without reservation. If you pay Calendar Creator the least attention, you'll always know where you have to be.