Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 132 / AUGUST 1991 / PAGE 40

Kraft Mouse. (evaluation)
by Tom Netsel

The Kraft mouse is a three-button mouse whose low-current design accommodates a wide range of computers, from laptops with 5-volt RS-232 ports to standard desktops with 12-volt ports. The mouse also comes with 9- and 25-pin connectors, making it easy to connect to any serial port.

Pressing the middle of the Kraft's three buttons is the same as pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously. The exact operation depends on the software you happen to be using.

The mouse driver can be installed manually or automatically on hard drives or floppy drives. Installation and operation are clearly explained in the two slim manuals that accompany the mouse. Advanced users can customize their installations.

The accompanying software offers users a resident utility for changing the resolution of the mouse from 10 to 1150 dots per inch (dpi). Most mice have a resolution of 200 to 340 dpi. You can make adjustments at any time while running most mouse-supported applications.

Additional features permit the Kraft mouse to be used with applications that normally do not support a mouse. Several menus are supplied for such programs as Lotus and WordPerfect. An accompanying script language permits you to create custom pop-up menus for almost any application that does not normally support a mouse.

The Kraft mouse appears to be well made, has a solid feel, and comes with a five-year warranty. The ability to fine-tune its cursor sensitivity is a particularly attractive feature. When used with a fast-moving arcade game, the ball occasionally seemed slow to engage the contacts. In testing with other games, applications, and CAD packages, however, the Kraft mouse performed extremely well.