Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 132 / AUGUST 1991 / PAGE 127

Microleague Baseball Field Guide and Disk. (evaluation)
by Jeff Seiken

Picture a version of The Baseball, Encyclopedia compiled expressly for fans of MicroLeague Baseball, and you should get a fairly accurate idea of what MicroLeague Baseball Field Guide and Disk is all about. The bulk of the book is devoted to capsule scouting reports and player statistics for the teams included in the three editions of the game. The guide also supplies short summaries of the squads found on the different franchise history disks, which are sold separately.

The disk part of the package takes the form of a special edition of the new MicroLeague Baseball game. Basically a stripped version of the regular program, it lacks the stat compiler, is not compatible with any supplemental disks, and comes with a roster of only six teams. With regards to gameplay, however, the special edition works just like the real thing.

The book and disk package really has only one strike against it: the $26.95 price tag. Of course, in addition to the guide, you get what amounts to a sneak preview of the new MicroLeague Baseball, but at that price you might just as well spend a bit more and buy the complete game. If you already own the new game, it's even harder not to balk at the price, because you're essentially paying extra for a disk of no value to you.

Fortunately, there's one saving grace. A coupon in the back of the book secures you a discount of up to $15 on the cost of some of the add-on disks. If you shave this amount off the guide's purchase price, its appeal definitely grows.

And money matters aside, the individual player commentaries and overall team analyses contained within the book will, without a doubt, deepen your appreciation of what transpires in your MicroLeague Baseball game. It might just make you a superior MicroLeague manager, too.