Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 132 / AUGUST 1991 / PAGE 126

Lester the Cordless Mouse. (mouse device) (evaluation)
by Richard C. Leinecker

I've been fighting my mouse cord for years--that is, until Lester the Cordless Mouse arrived. Lester is a terrific solution to the mouse cord problem. No more tangled keyboard and mouse cords, just smooth sailing on my mouse pad with no encumbrances. It gave me an immediate boost in productivity.

The concise, clear manual that came in the package provided helpful hints on nearly every page, pointing out some potential problems and providing ready solutions. I didn't have any trouble installing the new software and attaching the mouse receiver to the computer.

Lester itself is small and ergonomically pleasing. It took some time before my large hands became accustomed to the small, tightly positioned mouse buttons. Still, mastering Lester proved to be no problem.

Lester worked perfectly in all of the Windows applications I ran. DeluxePaint and most DOS applications ran great, too. I did, however, experience difficulties with some text-and graphics-based DOS programs since the mouse cursor that the driver maintains and updates is nonstandard (DeluxePaint and Windows applications do their own mouse-cursor up ating).

If you're looking for an alternative to mouse cord tangle and you run mostly Windows and DOS programs such as DeluxePaint, Lester may be the solution to your mouse problems. It's easy to install and a dream to use.