Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 131 / JULY 1991 / PAGE 40

Okitel 2400B Plus PC Modem. (evaluation)
by Richard C. Leinecker

There are three questions I ask when I'm shopping for a modem card. Will it be easy to install, does it have all of the features I need, and will it perform over a reasonable period of time without failure? After putting this Okitel 2400B Plus through some paces, I can answer all three questions with a most definite Yes.

This modem occupies a full-sized expansion card. That tells me several things. Most important, it indicates that the design engineers didn't cut any corners to save money on production costs. It also means that the components won't overheat since there's plenty of space between them. And if repairs are ever necessary, a technician will have an easier time finding problems. Considering the quality engineering, I figure this modem will outlast most of the others that I've seen and used.

Installing a modem card can be frustrating, but the Okitel's documentation is clear and well illustrated. Knowing precisely where to look and what to do helped immensely because I had to change some jumpers on the modem card so that it wouldn't conflict with my other serial devices.

The default settings of my terminal program, ProComm Plus, didn't work. Here again, fixing these types of problems can be a hassle. But it wasn't. I read through the documentation, easily found the information that I needed, and set the ProComm Plus modem specifications. From then on, my telecommunications went smoothly.

And last but not least, this modem, being Hayes compatible, has all of the features I need. Not only did ProComm work fine, but so did other programs that I use, such as Telix and Windows Termina.

The folks at Okidata were kind enough to provide telecommunications software. It's good enough to get started with, but you'll want to find something else if you want a full-featured program.

After using the Okitel 2400B Plus PC modem, I'd recommend it to anyone. It's a quality modem card that has excellent documentation and carries all of the features you need.