Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 130 / JUNE 1991 / PAGE 146

Peter Norton's PC Problem Solver: The Guide for the Everyday User. (book reviews)
by Tony Roberts

Everyone needs a place to turn when things go wrong. Computer owners will find comfort in having Peter Norton's PC Problem Solver on their bookshelves.

Problem Solver is a detailed DOS reference guide with additional sections on such topics as hardware problems, damaged data, and hard disks. Readers with little technical or computer experience will appreciate the minitutorials that precede each chapter. These succinct, ground-level explanations of computing's various aspects provide the foundation necessary for understanding some of the book's more advanced discussions.

Problem Solver's table of contents quickly guides the reader to specific information--whether it regards copying files or configuring memory. The discussion of DOS commands also includes information on carrying out those commands using the DOS 4.01 shell or Windows 3.0.

Peter Norton has built his career, and his fortune, providing solace for troubled PC owners through his software. In PC Problem Solver, he gives us an ample compendium of quick, understandable answers to common problems.

However, helpful as this book is, it's also an advertisement for Norton's own software. Wherever DOS is deficient, slow, or cumbersome. Norton quickly reminds us that he has the software to get the job done better, faster, or easier.