Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 130 / JUNE 1991 / PAGE 120

Strategic Video Poker. (computer game) (evaluation)
by Peter Scisco

Anybody who has been to Vegas or Atlantic City is familiar with video poker machines, this generation's answer to the slots. Strategic Video Poker claims to teach you how to win at these machines by simulating one on your PC. Its graphics and playability are modeled closely after the real thing. An unfriendly installation procedure may cause problems for novices, but more experienced users will soon be drawing to an inside straight.

The game's claims lie in its "Computed Payoff Calculation." The strategy behind this theory is linked to the payoff schedules for any particular machine--if you know how to interpret the schedule, you stand a better chance of winning. Strategic Video Poker combines a mild PC diversion and a well-intentioned, well-informed, brief manual. It could make you a winner.