Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 129 / MAY 1991 / PAGE 145

Black Gold. (computer game) (evaluation)
by Russ Ceccola

You're drilling for oil. Sound boring? Not if you're playing Black Gold from Rainbow Arts. This game challenges you to become an oil magnate and run successful oil recovery and processing plants all over the world. Black Gold's strong points include a logical interface and playable arcade sequences, but the game needs some work on graphics and sound. Most scenes, excluding the arcade sequences, are in drab colors, and sounds are almost nonexistent. Despite these complaints, the game's combination of action and strategy is engaging and kept me preoccupied even during a time of rising oil and gasoline prices.

IBM PC and compatibles, 640K RAM,

CGA, EGA, or VGA-$49.95 ,

Also available for Amiga-$39.95. Atari

ST--$39.95, and Commodore 64/128--$24.95


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