Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 129 / MAY 1991 / PAGE 132

Stunts. (computer game) (evaluation)
by Richard O. Mann

Maxis has released two sets of alternative graphics for its wildly popular SimCity game. Set 1 provides cities from Genghis Khan's Asia, the Wild West, and medieval times. Set 2 offers futuristic cities in Europe, in the United States, and on the moon. It replaces aircraft with dragons (among other changes), and threatens cities of the past and future with different kinds of disasters. Electrical power and railroads are replaced with aqueducts and stone paths. Factories become windmills, rice paddies, or smithies, depending on the scenario. The game itself plays exactly the same, which may disappoint some.

ISM PC and compatibles with 512K RAM 640.K for EGA graphics-($34.95

Also available for the Amiga $34.95) and the Macintosh ($34.96)

Requires SimCity


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