Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 129 / MAY 1991 / PAGE 125

LabelPro. (mail label software) (evaluation)
by Steve Hudson

If you're running a small business from your home, LabelPro will give a sharp look to your mass mailings. In both its dot-matrix and laser versions, this program handles not only mailing labels but also shipping labels, disk and file-folder labels, and a variety of specialty labels. LabelPro lets you specify label size and format and gives you control over the type size and typefaces you use on your labels.

LabelPro will use address data stored in DBASE and WordPerfect formats, as well as in Avery's own List-Mail and List & Mail Plus formats. It can also handle comma-delimited ASCII files. If you're mailing from relatively small lists, you can create a database using LabelPro itself. Individual LabelPro databases are limited to 300 records per file, but there's no limit to the number of files you can create. Limited search and sort options are available, but there's no automatic word-wrapping. That means that records can be truncated if they are too long for your specified format. Fortunately, the program can alert you to truncated records.

A home business that wants the look of custom labels for short mail runs will find LabelPro a real help.