Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 129 / MAY 1991 / PAGE 120

BlueMAX. (PS2 memory manager) (evaluation)
by Steve Hudson

Today's PCs have more memory than ever, but today's programs demand more memory, too. Blue-MAX, from Qualitas, helps IBM PS/2s with an 80386SX, 80386, or 80486 processor get the most out of their available memory by moving memory-resident programs and device drivers into an area above the first 640K.

An Install routine automatically installs the BlueMAX driver and configures BlueMAX to your system. Maximize then optimally configures available memory. On PS/2 systems, you can see gains of 80K or more. The result: more memory and faster system performance.

BlueMAX worked with a variety of applications on a PS/2 Model 70, although the manual warns of potential problems with programs using ROM BASIC or undocumented PS/2 features. The program supports LIM 4.0, EMS, XMS 3.0, VDS 1.0, and VCPI- and XMS-compatible protected-mode programs.

The program's documentation is comprehensive, and its operation is simplicity itself Reconfiguring for new TSRs is easy, too. This is one memory manager you'll actually use. STEVE HUDSON

IBM PS/2; 80386SX, 80386 or 80486 processor 256K of extended RAM-$155


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