Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 128 / APRIL 1991 / PAGE 24

Schedule A: meal on Mars. (computer software) (evaluation)
by Richard C. Leinecker

Since this month's issue talks about computing in Europe, we're bringing you a SharePak that will help you make the most of a European vacation. If you're not planning a European vacation, relax; this disk will give you some of what you might be missing. Start off with Schedule*Master and organize your preparations for a flawless departure. You can even use Schedule*Master to finish your work early so that you can get an early start on your vacation preparations. While at your recreation destination, collect all the recipes you can and enter them into Meal-Master. Then when you're back, you'll be able to recreate the culinary delights that you enjoyed the most. Once home, you can get even more exotic and experience an adventure on another world by playing The Movements of Mars!.

SharePak gives you value in every byte. We screen hundreds of programs and choose only the very best.

There's also a money-back guarantee: If you buy one of our SharePak disks and aren't satisfied, just return it for a refund. You can also call us for technical support if you have trouble using the programs on the disk.


Schedule*Maste is a powerful but easy-to-use system for managing your daily schedule and to-do list. Unlike other systems that can take weeks to master, you'll find that learning all the program has to offer takes almost no time at all.

Each schedule entry can have a note attached to it with further information. The note field can be up to five lines long. Store as many as 4000 records along with 4000 notes in the database file. Deleted items give up their space immediately so that the schedule file never needs to be compressed. Extensive searching capabilities let you find information once you've entered it. And mouse support gives it the final professional touch you'd expect in a quality program.

The program doesn't make a lot of demands on your hardware. Any system with at least 350K of free RAM will run Schedule*Master. It will take advantage of your hard drive but doesn't require one.

A printer configuration file lets you specify the parameters you'll need for perfect printouts. Don't worry, though; the program comes set up to work with IBM proprinters and Epson compatibles. That means most people are ready to go from the start.

If you want to get organized, get this program. You'll be able to maximize your efficiency and make time for other things, like vacations.


Menu-driven Meal-Master is a database system especially created and tailored to manage recipes. With Meal-Master, you can store, update, and print your recipes in a variety of formats. But the real power of Meal-Master lies in its search and utility functions.

You can search for recipes using any combination of title, category, or ingredient criteria. Imagine being able to find all the recipes that can be made with a certain ingredient. Just change the number of serving s a recipe makes, and all the individual ingredient amounts will be adjusted automatically.

To help in entire menu preparation, you can mark recipes as you select them. Then activate the shoppinglist function. Meal-Master will find the ingredients for all the marked recipes total the quantities of like items, and print a shopping list.

You won't have to spend much time learning how to use the program - it's menu driven. That means that all choices are clearly laid out and intuitive. And when you run it for the first time, it's smart enough to ask you several setup questions before proceeding. Your setup information is saved to disk, and you don't have to worry about it again.

Meal-Master not only replaces the dogeared, disorganized collection of index cards found in most kitchens; it also provides a valuable tool for meal selection and preparation.

The Monuments of Mars!

An arcade/adventure game set in the near future, The Monuments of Mars! lets you explore a secret underground city on Mars. In this volume you must survive 20 unique and challenging levels filled with puzzles, traps, creatures, and useful artifacts.

You'll explore the Martian structures that many NASA scientist believe were built by an ancient Martian civilization. The monuments include the city, the fortress, the pyramid, and the most famous monument, the face - a one-mile-long structure that looks exactly like a human face.

The game scenario finds you part of several special missions to rescue missing astronauts and to discover the secrets of the Martian monuments. The game begins just after your ship his landed on Mars near the site of the cliff, one of the many monuments.

If you suddenly vanish like previous explores, you can start over. But you might get lucky, find the entrance to each monument, and discover the secets hidden within.