Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 125 / JANUARY 1991 / PAGE A30

Art gallery. (Amiga Resource) (evaluation)


Saveen Reddy

Man, WV

Artist Saveen Reddy created this colorful hand-drawn (or should we say, mouse-drawn) image using MicroIllusions' Photon Paint on an Amiga 500 in 320 X 400 HAM mode. In regard to the $100 fee we pay for the right to publish Amiga art, Saveen says, "Any monetary gain from the use of the pictures will, you can be sure, go to the purchase of an Amiga 3000."


John Perkins

Corsicana, TX

This picture was digitized and then touched up using a paint program found on the Amiga Appetizer disk that came free with John Perkins's computer. Although John has owned his Amiga 500 for only a few months, he's been programming and drawing on a Commodore 64 for five years.


William Christjaener

St. Paul, MN

Workstation was created with Sculpt Animate 4-D. Artist William Christjaener says, "I've been using several ray-tracing programs for about three years, Sculpt 3-D being the first one I purchased. I just recently upgraded to 2.5 megs, which allows much more freedom to render complex models."