Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 125 / JANUARY 1991 / PAGE 12

The 1991 Compute Choice Awards. (best home computer products)

Now in their third year, the COMPUTE Choice Awards recognize those products that best answer the home computer user's diversified needs. You'll see a favorite or two among our prizewinners. There were many worthy contenders this year, as you'll see on page 22 in the article "Honorable Mentions." And to top it all off, COMPUTE readers can cast their own votes by phone (see page 16) for products in the four main categories: Home Office, Entertainment, Discovery, and Technical.

We hope the COMPUTE Choice Awards will serve you as you seek products for your computing needs. Use them as a guide, as an indication. Let us put our experience on the line for you.


Small Business Organizer AlphaWorks 2.0, Alpha Software; PC File, 5.0, ButtonWare; Personal Office, Top Ten Software; Top Priority, Power Up!

Word Processing LetterPerfect, WordPerfect; PC-Write Lite, Quicksoft; Word for Windows, Microsoft; WordPerfect 5.1, WordPerfect; Wordstar 6.0, WordStar International

Desktop Presentation/Video Autodesk Animator, Autodesk; Charisma, Micrografx; DrawPerfect 1.1, WordPerfect; Show Partner F/X, Brightbill-Roberts

Desktop Publishing/Graphics Arts & Letters, Computers Support; Avagio, Unison World; Corel Draw 1.2, Corel Systems

Finance Lotus Spreadsheet for Deskmate, Lotus Development; Money Matters, Great American Software; Turbo Tax, ChipSoft; Wingz (PC version), Informix Software

Arcade The Game of Harmony, Accolade; Ishido, Accolade; Welltris, Spectrum HoloByte

Simulation A-10 Tank Killer, Dynamix; Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, Electronic Arts; Railroad Tycoon, MicroProse

War/Strategy Action Stations, Conflict Analytics; Bandit Kings of Ancient China, KOEI; Centurian, Electronic Arts; Tank, Spectrum HoloByte; Their Finest Hour, Lucusfilm Games; Wolfpack, Broderbund

FRP/Adventure Bad Blood, Origin Systems; The Colonel's Bequest, Sierra; Hero's Quest, Sierra; Ultima VI, Origin Systems

Sports Hardball II, Accolade; Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf, Accolade; Keith van Eron's Pro Soccer, Microplay Software; Monday Night Football, Data East

Children The Playroom, Broderbund

Young Adult The New Print Shop, Broderbund; Super Solvers Outnumbered, The Learning Company

Adult Home Lawyer, Meca Ventures; Software Toolworks World Atlas, Software Toolworks

Reference Grammatic IV, Reference Software

Creativity Arts & Letters, Computer Support; Autosketch, Autodesk; Music Studio 3.0, Activision; The New Print Shop, Broderbund

Operating Environment/System DR DOS, 5.0, Digital Research

Utility PC Tools Deluxe 6.0, Central Point Software; PrintVision, Bloc Publishing; Take Charge!, Departmental Technologies

Add On/Peripheral Canon Bubble Jet 10e printer, Canon; HP DeskJet 500, Hewlett-Packard; Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet III, Hewlett-Packard; Practidisk UMFC Plus/2.88MB drive, Practical Computer Technologies

Stand-Alone Hardware Atari Portfolio, Atari; Sharp PC-6220 laptop, Sharp; Tandy 1100FD laptop, Tandy; Toshiba 1000SE laptop, Toshiba

Programming Language Borland Turbo C + +, Borland International; Power BASIC, Spectra