Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 124 / DECEMBER 1990 / PAGE G-21

More about SpeedScript

I am wondering if there will be any 128 SpeedScript enhancements in the future. This has been the best word processor that I have ever used. Simple, but it gets the job done. One program I'd like to see if one that would let me use SpeedScript 128 with my second disk drive as the data disk and have the necessary POKEs to accomplish this. Also, I would like to have a program that would alphabetize the 128 SpeedCheck files. I have done this by hand, and it tends to make the spelling checker run a little faster. I'd like the spelling checker accessed by using Ctrl-C. The word under the cursor could be checked with the main program in drive 8.

I enjoy the new format of your magazine, and I'm looking forward to each new issue. I was afraid your magazine would stop the articles on the 8-bit machines. Many people and I think there's a place for a small machine in this world. I'll be watching the pages of Gazette for any response to the ideas I have proposed.


Thanks for the kind words, Robert. Over the years, we've been able to add a number of utilities to SpeedScript to make it even more useful to our readers. A few of those enhancements have come from our staff, but most of them have come as submissions from our readers. By posting your suggestion here, you may inspire someone to develop your ideas and share their programs with us. We're always eager to see SpeedScript enhancements or other useful programs. Send them to the Submissions Reviewer in care of this magazine. Don't forget that we're also looking for original 64 artwork for "Gazette Gallery," our new on-disk feature.