Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 124 / DECEMBER 1990 / PAGE 12

October Issues

I just got your October magazine, and it is GREAT! I love the new setup and the way you split up the information into different sections.

I subscribed in June and got my first magazine on September 14, and the subscription is due to expire next June, which is obviously not the full 12 months. Will I get all 12 issues?

Also, do you have a special COMPUTE edition for just IBM owners? That's the part I read and focus on.

One suggestion I have is to make the SharePak and the On Disk available for Amiga, Commodore, and Macintosh users.

I would like to mention that I thought "How to Get Started with Programming" was an excellent idea for anybody who might like to learn a little bit more about different programming, and it may even get some people interested in it. I also think that the "Feedback" column is very helpful.


Thanks for your encouraging response to the October issue. We're glad your like the new format, and we appreciate readers' comments and suggestions.

Rest assured that you will get all of your subscription, which begins with the October issue and will run for 12 months. During the transition from our previous owner to our new corporate parent, we took a brief hiatus.

We do print a special edition just for MS-DOS computer owners. If you would like to change the edition to which you subscribe, just let us know when your subscription comes due for renewal. In the mean-time, enjoy the added home computer knowledge you'll be getting in the Amiga Resource and Gazette sections.

Your suggestion about disk products for each of the sections is a good one; however, the only disk product we lack now is one for the Macintosh. Let's hear from all you Macintosh owners—would you like a SharePak disk for your Apple?

Do you have questions or comments? Send your letter—with your name, address, and daytime telephone number—to COMPUTE Feedback, 324 West Wendover Avenue, Suite 200, Greensboro, North Carolina 27408. We regret that, due to the volume of mail received, we cannot respond individually to questions. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity and length.