Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 124 / DECEMBER 1990 / PAGE 12


Addams Admired

I am in the process of upgrading from a Commodore 64 to an IBM clone. Since I became interested in the PC world, I began to read your magazine and have recently bought a subscription. Let me tell you, I think your magazine is great. It has the right balance between business and entertainment software, and I love it.

I have one suggestion, though. I used to subscribe to Commodore Magazine before it was sold to Run. Since I have switched to COMPUTE, I only miss one thing from Commodore Magazine. It is a monthly column that Shay Addams wrote, which was dedicated totally to adventure (RPG) games. Mr. Addams would have reviews and hints and would keep us posted on the newest games. I really think it would be great if COMPUTE could adopt something like this, and I think other adventurers would, too.


Good news, Joshua. COMPUTE readers whose edition includes the Amiga Resource section will be able to enjoy Shay Addams's ideas on a regular basis. His column is called "Just for Fun." For the rest of our subscribers, Nebula and Hugo award winner Orson Scott Card continues his meditations on computer games every month in "GamePlay."