Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 124 / DECEMBER 1990 / PAGE 57

Check This Out

Need a full-fledged personal double-entry accounting system? Check out Cheque-It-Out from Hooper International. It requires little or no accounting or DOS knowledge, and it costs only $49.95.

More than 3000 color choices; mouse compatibility; and pull-down, pop-up, and exploding menus make this program fun to use—but it's no toy. Even though it works like your own checkbook, Cheque-It-Out is a financial package that offers account reconciliation, reporting, budgeting, recurring transactions, expense tracking, and graphs. You can also keep a complete listing of your assets for insurance purposes.

Cheque-It-Out comes with free unlimited technical support, a periodic newsletter, and a free subscription to CompuServe.

Hooper International, P.O. Box 50200, Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Reader Service Number 358.