Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 124 / DECEMBER 1990 / PAGE 54

Friendly Persuasion

Presenters interested in winning friends and persuading strangers will want to know about Persuasion 2.0. It makes presentations easier and more intuitive by using the advanced graphics capabilities of Windows 3.0. Not only does it present pretty pictures and graphs, it also incorporates an outliner and a word processor, which can help you prepare speaker's notes and audience handouts. Simply select one of the program's presentation designs (or create your own) and provide the needed information. Persuasion does the rest.

Persuasion's word processor is full featured, including type size, font, type effects, word wrap, search and replace, spelling checker, and color. You can create line, bar, column, pie, area, scatter, high-low, and overlay charts from data you enter directly into the program or import from 1-2-3 or Excel. Persuasion also provides a broad range of drawing tools, including a 400-percent zoom. If you lack artistic skills, you can import graphics files in TIF, MSP, and PCX formats from other programs or clip-art collections. The program can also import graphics in HPGL, WMF, EPS, PIC, and other draw formats.

To run Persuasion, you'll need at least an IBM or compatible 286 computer with 1MB of RAM, a hard disk, an EGA video adapter, and a mouse. Aldus recommends a 386 with 2MB of RAM; a hard disk; a VGA, Super VGA, or IBM 8514/A graphics adapter; and a mouse. Persuasion retails for $595.

Aldus, 411 First Ate. S, Seattle, WA 98104-2871

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