Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE A-36


June 1990 Disk

Early releases of this disk were so jam-packed that the game Rotar didn't have room to update its high-score file. You can remedy this situation by opening a CLI and entering the command DELETE RESOURCE7:C/TYPE. This removes the AmigaDOS Type command from our disk, freeing up enough room for Rotar to update its high-score file. Deleting this file will not affect the disk's performance.

If for some reason Rotar's high-score file (Rotar.scores) is destroyed, Rotar will refuse to go further than its title screen. If this happens to you, you can create a new high-score file by following these instructions: Free up some room on the disk using the instructions found in the previous paragraph. Open a CLI and enter COPY * RESOURCE7:ROTAR/ROTAR. SCORES. Hit Return 50 or more times and then press Control-Backslash (Backslash is the key just left of Delete). You've just created a new high-score file.

NameBase Name Change

Because of a copyright infringement, we were forced to change the name of our February 1990 NameBase program to AmiBase. No, you don't have to stop using the program. Just refer to it as AmiBase from now on, please.

Speaking of AmiBase, we are now offering an upgrade to those people who are still experiencing difficulty printing address labels. The most recent version now prints an extra line between addresses, thus correcting the alignment problem that many of you have been reporting. This upgrade also fixes a problem that occurred when the program dialed long-distance numbers on certain modems (AmiBase dials slower now).

To get the upgrade, send us your original Februrary 1990 Amiga Resource Disk (be sure to make a copy for yourself first), a note that explains that you wish to have the upgraded AmiBase, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We'll copy the new AmiBase onto your disk and send it back. Send your February 1990 Amiga Resource Disk to Amiga Resource—AmiBase Upgrade, 324 West Wendover Avenue, Suite 200, Greensboro, North Carolina 27408.