Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE G-12

A Jiffy Proofreader Tip

I am a contented user of a 128D and JiffyDOS, and I like to type in some of the interesting programs you publish in your excellent magazine. In order to use The Automatic Proofreader with JiffyDOS, however, I find it necessary to make two small changes to the program since JiffyDOS alters the vector found at 772 and the Proofreader checks this vector twice to identify which machine is being used. In lines 30 and 90, change IF VE = 17165 to IF VE = 61137. Earlier versions of the Proofreader have a different line number but the same PEEK. I hope this may save one or two readers who have the same setup a few minutes of head scratching.


Thanks for the tip and the kind words, John. The JiffyDOS speed enhancement system from Creative Micro Designs does indeed alter the vector you mentioned and could interfere with the Proofreader. Those of you using JiffyDOS installed on a 64 might want to make a similar change in your version of the Proofreader. Change the value of VE in line 20 from 42364 to 60004. Also, check out the review of JiffyDOS 6.0 elsewhere in this issue.