Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE G-2

For What Bugs You

Arlington Software (P.O. Box 916, North Arlington, New Jersey 07032) has released the Code Shadow Symbolic Debugger ($ 19.95) for the 64. With its many features and transparency, it can provide a sophisticated environment for debugging, testing, and analyzing an ML program.

Complete symbolic capabilities are provided, from assembling or disassembling code to program-stepping to addresses referenced in command arguments. Symbol tables from any assembler can be imported into the debugger, or the debugger can generate its own coded symbols. The program supports conditional break-points, automatic code patching, a watch window, one-keystroke program freezing, separate debugger and application screens, and a complete DOS manager.

The program, which is not copy-protected, is RAMDOS compatible and can load into an REU, leaving virtually all of its computer memory free.