Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE G-2

Desktop Publishing Power

Datel Computers (3430 East Tropicana Avenue #65, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121) has been named exclusive distributor for Handyscanner 64 and Pagefox, two products that create a powerful desktop publishing system for the 64/128.

Handyscanner 64 is the first hand-held scanner for the 64. Completely printer independent, the unit will read graphics from magazines, books, photographs, or original artwork, which will then appear in a digitized format on the computer screen.

Utilizing an elaborate graytone processing method, the Handyscanner 64 promises excellent results for digitized color or black-and-white photographs. There are three processing methods, and the scanner has separate control switches for light intensity and contrast, which help produce superior results with difficult copies such as photographs with little contrast.

Handyscanner 64 operates independently of the computer and requires only the included interface for use with a 64 or 128 and any other paint or graphics program. The software interfaces with the Pagefox desktop publishing program module. The unit sells for $299.95.

The second item distributed by Datel is Pagefox, a desktop publishing program with a 100K-memory storage-expansion module. The program operates via menus, mouse, or joystick to define text, place pictures, and control the total graphic editor. Text can be placed in any area and expanded or contracted to eliminate the need to format lines.

Ready-to-use layouts for one, two, or three columns are included, and text overflows automatically into the next column in a user-selected sequence. Text also automatically flows around graphics. Frames can be subsequently moved, enlarged, reduced, or eliminated.

Text functions provide direct entry of headlines, legends, and so on through the keyboard with any of 12 character sets. There are eight variations of the sets that can be formatted in any combination for more than 3000 script possibilities such as italics, shadows, outlines, and 3-D outlines. Additional character sets are reloadable.

The Pagefox module, with its 96K, plugs into the 64 or 128 expansion port; it costs $139.95.