Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE G-2

Boys of Summer II

MicroLeague Sports Association (2201 Drummond Plaza, Newark, Delaware 19711-5711) has released Enhanced MicroLeague Baseball II ($39.95) for the 64/128. No minorleague joystick game, this simulation forces you to think. You win or lose based on your managerial decisions.

New features include enhanced ballpark graphics of the Polo Grounds, Yankee, and Dodger stadiums, pop-up screens for easy access to midgame statistics and substitutions, expanded offensive and defensive options, pitching and hitting stats against left- or right-handed batters, stealing and base-running ratings, field averages plus throwing range and arm strength, fatigue and power factors, and more.

Enhanced MicroLeague Baseball II comes with a general manager function, an automatic stat compiler, and 26 all-time great teams. Look for MicroLeague Sports to release an Owner's disk, Stadium disks, Season disks, a League Leader disk, and even World Series, Franchise History, and All-Star disks in the future.