Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE P-17

Printing the Night Sky

I have a question about the Stars II program found on your April Resource Disk. While it is a very interesting and educational program, we found it difficult to observe the night sky while running from the computer screen to outside and back again. My question: Is there a way to get a print out of the screen so as to avoid running in and out of the house?


Hidden in the Utilities drawer of your Workbench disk (or, if you're using AmigaDOS 2.0, the Tools drawer of your Extras disk) is a program called GraphicDump. Running this program causes the computer to print the frontmost Amiga screen. So to print the night sky from Stars II, all you have to do is display the screen you wish to print, press Left Amiga–N to flip to the Workbench screen, insert the disk with GraphicDump on it, double-click on the GraphicDump icon, and then press Left Amiga-M to return to the Stars II display. GraphicDump waits about ten seconds for you to find the screen that you want to print, so you'll have plenty of time to bring the Stars II screen to the front. GraphicDump can be used to print the screen of any multitasking program.