Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE P-17


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Rejuvenating the 1000

I would like to know about the Rejuvenator and the DVS-Wonder boards for the Amiga 1000. What are they exactly, what do they do, and where can I buy them? I am in the military, stationed overseas, so I don't have a local computer store around. I really would like to keep my Amiga 1000.


The Rejuvenator allows Amiga 1000 users to take full advantage of the new Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and KickStart 2.0. The board replaces the Kickstart RAM board in your 1000 and gives you 1MB of chip RAM, the 1MB Super Agnes chip, a socket for the ECS Denise chip, a Kickstart ROM socket that will accept a 1.3 or 2.0 ROM, a battery-backed clock, and a flicker-Fixer-compatible video slot. Your original 512K is converted into true fast RAM. If you install a toggle switch on the back of your 1000, you can alternate between Kickstart in ROM and a disk-loaded version, so you can still run software that requires older versions of Kickstart after you've installed your 2.0 ROM. The Rejuvenator also supports the 3000's 2MB Agnes chip with the installation of an optional RAM daughterboard.

The Rejuvenator is shipping now for $499.95 fully populated. It's available from the manufacturer, Expert Services, 5912 Centennial Circle, Florence, Kentucky 41042; (606) 371-9690.

Soon after the Rejuvenator was announced, Delaware Valley Software announced the DVS-Wonder. The DVS-Wonder had similar specifications; 512K or 1MB of Chip RAM, ECS support, motherboard RAM converted to slow-fast memory (like the 501 expander in a 500), a battery-backed clock, audio filter, and up to four software-selectable Kickstart ROMs. The DVS-Wonder was to be available in a number of configurations, ranging from a $124.95 kit to a $399.95 fully assembled and populated board.

While both companies announced and took orders for their boards at the Washington, D.C., AmiExpo in March, apparently DVS was still not shipping the DVS-Wonder at press time. A number of complaints have been posted on online services from people who have payed for, but have not received, DVS-Wonder boards. We attempted to contact DVS representatives to find out the board's status, but they did not return our calls before this issue went to press.

You can attempt to contact Delaware Valley Software at P.O. Box 200, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082-0507; (215) 446-9227.