Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 123 / NOVEMBER 1990 / PAGE 17

Extra Linefeeds

I have an Epson LQ-510 printer that produces two linefeeds before starting to print on continuous-form paper and produces two linefeeds on every other sheet when printing hand-fed single sheets. It does this even when the top-of-page margin is set at 0 in both PFS:Professional Write and PFS:First Choice.

I had the printer serviced by an authorized Epson technician and was told that this behavior was normal. I was told the same thing by a technician at Epson. By the way, I ran the self test for both technicians and read them the results.

Am I stuck with this problem, or is someone pulling my leg? If it can't be corrected, I'd like to know if all printers do the same thing.


Problems with printers are nearly always problems in software. Here's what the technicians at Epson suggested to us: Both products you mentioned have adjustable page-length settings. Try reducing your page length to about 60 lines. The excess linefeeds may be linefeeds left over from the bottom of the previous page.

A test would be to try using your computer and software with a demonstration model printer. If that printer exhibits the same troublesome linefeeds, you can be fairly sure that something is wrong with your software setup.

Also consult the section on DIP switches in your printer manual. These settings may affect the way your printer handles continuous-form and single-sheet paper.

Finally, your programs may not be set up to print to the correct printer. Check to see which printer driver is installed. If your printer isn't among the printers supported by the software, check your manual to see which printer types can be substituted for your printer. The behavior you describe isn't normal, and Epson couldn't duplicate it using the same software.

If none of the recommended solutions work and if your unit is still under warranty, consider demanding a replacement or refund.